Appointments are required

If you have made an appointment with a slaughterhouse or other individual to do the slaughter, this does not mean you have an appointment with Tiede Farms Smokehouse, LLC. The slaughterhouses, custom exempt, or farm kill butchers are not responsible for making the appointment with Tiede Farms Smokehouse, LLC for you. Contact our company today to get set up for your processing appointment!

Cut The Way You Want It

Meat Cut Sheet

After completing your order, download and fill out our cut sheet for how you would like your meats cut.

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Instructions for

Cut Sheet

After you’ve booked an appointment with one of our representatives at Tiede Farm Smokehouse, LLC, visit our website and download our cut sheet. If you can’t download the sheet from our website, let us know. We will gladly send you a copy via mail.

You may contact to tell us how you would like to have your smoked items processed or cut. For more information, please browse this page for a list of minimums, instructions, and a diagram of the different cuts for smoking.

Don’t forget to review the contents of the boxes you pick up from your butcher. You need to make sure that the meat you deliver to us in Center Barnstead, New Hampshire for processing is complete. In case you forget to bring some items from your cut sheet, we will only be processing the ones you’ve dropped off in our facility. We can’t hold your order to process the missing items. Please double-check your items before leaving them in our smokehouse.

Download Cut Sheet

Drop-Off Policy

Drop off is only available on Thursdays by appointment only. We highly encourage you to arrive on time for your appointment so that the next person doesn’t have to wait. We try our best to keep the process running as smoothly and stress-free for everyone.

Before arriving at our facility, check the boxes you picked up from the butcher. Please make sure you’ve brought the items that need to be smoked or processed. You need to sign the cut sheet before you leave our facility.

In case you forgot to bring some items from your cut sheet, we will only smoke or process the items in the box you dropped off. Aside from that, we can’t hold your order so you could follow-up your missing items later Your order will be processed with the load we have for the day.

Pick-Up Policy

Pick-up is available Thursday and Friday by appointment only. We will do what we can to get everyone in and out in a timely manner.

The person who made the appointment for the smoking services is the one who is responsible for picking up the entire order, no exceptions. If you made the original appointment, you must pick up the entire order for all of the people you have sold those pigs to.

If there is a missed appointment, or if you change the drop-off date without notifying us one week prior to the original appointment, there is a $100.00 charge per head.

For any questions, please call us and we will walk you through the process. Thank you for your cooperation.

Minimums for

Sausage, Snack Sticks, & Jerky

All Sausage: 25lbs.
Fresh Sausage: 25lbs.
Snack Sticks: 25lbs.
Jerky: 25lbs.
Venison/Wild Game:
Fresh Sausage: 25lbs.
Snack Sticks: 25lbs.
Jerky: 25lbs.

Instructions for Sausage, Snack Sticks, and Jerky:
All meat must be cubed in 1-2” cubes or ground, except meat for jerky. Jerky meat should be sliced into ¼” thick slices or we will slice it through our jerky slicer. For inquiries, please call & we will assist you.

Smoking Pricing

  • Any bacon 5 lbs. and under, will be charged a flat rate of $20.00/side to slice and vacuum seal
  • Just Smoke ($1.50/lb.)
  • Smoke, Slice, and Vacuum Seal ($ 2.75/lb.)
  • Sausage Making (Includes: Grinding and Seasoning) ($ 4.00/lb.)
  • Vacuum Sealing ($ 1.25/lb.)
  • Snack Stick Making ($ 8.00/lb.)
  • Cheese Fee ($10.00/lb.)
    • *(for adding cheese to any product)
  • Over Weight Items ($2.00/lb.)
    • *(any bacon, ham, or shoulder weighing more than 30lbs. will be charged an additional fee)

Wild Game Processing Pricing

  • De-Boning Fee ($7.00/piece)
  • Sausage Seasonings ($5.00/kg.)
  • Goose Processing ($ 5.00/lb.)
  • Smoking Deer Hinds (Whole) ($ 2.50/lb.)
  • Jerky Making ($ 5.00/lb.)

Due to fluctuation in market prices, all prices are subject to change without notice.